¢37mm AA Type Motor Mount Red

Product Code:AA-2537R

Code: AA-2537R Retail Price: $35
Introduction: used on multirotor tube arm with diameter ¢25mm and motors with outer diameter under ¢37mm
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The Kylin series motor mounts are the latest design aftermarket upgrade parts for multicopters. They will fit any multicopter with either 25mm or 30mm diameter booms, come in various sizes to suit almost any diameter multicopter motors. They are made from high strength aluminium which is crash-resistant, also lighter than the same size motor mount made from plastic. Choices of coaxial top and bottom mount, or top motor and bottom ESC mount. There are also two bright colours, red and silver you can mix up to help on the orientation.
This ESC frame set is used on 25mm-diameter multi-rotor arms, supporting the use of 37mm  motor frame, ESC of 40-50A can be assembled.
There two colors for the same dimension, the red is used on the front arm of multi-rotor model to distinguish the flying gesture of the model in the air while the silver one is on the rear arm to tell apart from the red frame in the front.

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