Thailand Heli Blowout 2014


The annual Heli Blowout event has just completed on 10th March 2014 in Thailand. This is a huge get-together for all professional  3D remote control helicopter pilots, where they can talk about the hobby and exchange theirs thoughts and experiences.

Tens of professional pilots from Korea, Malaysia, Brunei, United Arab Emirates and Thailand went into the intense competitions for both International class and Expert class titles. 12 years old Kan Poonnoi from KDS demonstrated outstanding ability of precise controls that the audience were thoroughly enjoyed, and won the second place in the International Class. The KDS factory pilot Jaehong Lee amazed everyone with his master style manoeuvres, greeted by shouts of cheers from all sides, it was such a pity his misplay during final landing hurt his score, he got the third place in the International class.

照片:Thank you for support Eric Guo Tom Motor My family KDS team Agile KDS Ebar KST Servo Gens Ace HopeLe HK Georges van Gansen Tony Tseung Mask Pro Canopy Rcproplus Adam WU Kinetic Okb


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