2013 3DX Australia Competition in Australia


KDS team attended 3DX Australia contest in Sydney on Mar. 16th – 17th, KDS new helicopter Agile 7.2 debut for competition this time. In the contest, KDS Team has attained a remarkable achievement.

Agile 7.2

This is the first year of 3DX in Australia, KDS is the Principal Sponsor.

When our pilots arrived, weather in Australia was so terrible on the first day—the temperature had reached 32 degree, the highest in March. While in the second day came a sudden wind. In spite of bad weather there, pilots got outstanding performances. KDS pilots had totally won 3DX contest in the Expert Class, factory pilot Qiu from KDS won the first, KDS Thailand pilot Thanarin and Wicharid won the second and the third. While in the International Class, Nick Maxwell had won the champion, with Marco Rebelo from Australiaand KDS pilot Jaehong Lee followed.

Expert Class

KDS factory pilot Qiu

Qiu practiced more than ten flies every day for prepare 3DX, there’s no wonder that he won the champion in Australia.

Thailand KDS pilot Thanarin

After winning the third in 2012 3DX contest in China, Thanarin had wonderful performance in 2013 3DX Australia with the second place, for he was beaten by KDS teammate Qiu in Set Manoeuvres.

Thailand KDS pilot Wicharid

Wicharid had ranked the fourth in 3DX contest in China, he kept practicing very hard in the past few months, consequently he improved so much that he even won the second in Thailand Royal Helicopter Contest recently. He was very good at F3C, for he used to be a F3C pilot of JR before attending KDS. In his opinion, his set manoeuvres was not as perfect as expected, in the second fly by making use of a yellow card, he got the third rank for his helicopter dropped due to the wind in the free fly contest.

KDS pilot Jaehong Lee was the most promising candidate for the champion, but he missed and only got the third place. It’s known as his battery was retained in Hongkong airport, the connect plug wasn't match well when he using the borrowed battery, his helicopter broke out and finally crashed in the yellow card fly.

Competition finished on 17th, but the end of the contest means the commencement of a new round competition. We all are looking forward to better performance of KDS.

KDS team

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