KDS-40AII-ESC Brushless ESC

Product Code:KDS-40AII-ESC

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The Main Properties of Electric Speed Controller

● Utilize powerful and high-performance MCU processor. The users can set function of use according to their requirements. It fully reflects the smart property of our products as a unique advantage.
● Support unlimited rotate speed of brushless motor.
● Support the function of fixed speed.
● Delicate circuit design with strong anti-interference.
● The starting mode can be set. The response speed of throttle is very quick and with very stable linear of speed regulation. It can be used in fixed wing aircraft and helicopter.
● Threshold values of low-voltage protection can be set.
● With internal SBEC, the operating power to start servos is strong and the power dissipation is small.
●Multi protection functions: protection for abnormal input. voltage, protection for low battery, protection for overheat, protection of lowing power when lost of signals from throttle.
● Good safety performance under energization: the motor will not start at the time of power on regardless of the location of pull rod of throttle in controller.
● Protection for overheat: the output power will lessen to half when the temperature reaches 100℃ during the operation of ESC. The output power will automatic recover when the temperature is under 100℃.
● Set alarm sound, and judge the working situation after power on.

Sustained current(A):40A Max instan-taneous(10S) current (A):60A
BEC output (V/A):5V/3A
Number Of battery/lithium ba-tteryLi-xx:2-4LIPO
Number ofbattery/nickel-hydr-ogenbattery:5-15NC


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