EBAR V2 Flybarless System

Product Code:EBAR V2

Code: EBAR V2
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KDS EBAR V2 flybarless system is made by full aluminum alloy to avoid vibration. It equips MEMS top quality sensor, designed for 250~700size Nitro and electric helicopters. it can fulfil the highest performance expectations. KDS EBAR V2 has a great advantage that it does not need to connect computer when setting, factory provide PPC setting card to you for setting all parameters. Super convenience!
Besides, KDS EBAR V2 support Futaba S.BUS receiver, Spektrum satellite. You only need to use 2 lines if you need to connect with the traditional receiver, one is traditional 3 connectors line and another is 1 to 3 connectors signal line, this is the same as current  three axis gyroscope.

● Input Current: DC 4.8V~9V
● Quiescent Current: 50mA
● Size: 39x29x14mm
● Weight: 21.5g

● Instruction Manual x1
● Flybarless System x1
● PPC x1  Mini 4P Line x1
● 3P In Line x2
● Double Sided Tape x2


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